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Terms and Privacy Policy
Terms and Privacy Policy
arrowg  Terms and Conditions:
You must read and agree with our terms and conditions before buying online or over the phone. When buying goods from our website you enter an agreement with blinds-uk.net. The agreement will be concluded when you place the order.
arrowg  Our Products:
The blinds we sell are made according to your sizes. Please understand that it is your own responsibility to take the correct measurements of your window and to asses any special landscape on your window. You do not have to deduct from your measurements to make sure our products will fit perfectly onto your windows. We cannot accept returns and make refunds if you have given us wrong measurements. We will not be able to resell those products and therefore we will not be able to refund the money. Please note we confirm orders in millimeters for extra precision. If you need to double check your sizes and have used another measurement unit use a mm to inches converter.
Also please note that even though the blinds are cut with high precision machines we do have a tolerance of 2-5mm. We will not replace the blinds if the sizes are within this tolerance limit.
If you decide to buy from our website and the sample has been presented to you online you agree that there might be a colour difference between the online sample and real sample. The big pictures showing the room decor on the product page are for illustration purposes only. In order to see the sample bigger you must click "Download Sample". We provide the highest quality pictures of the samples online and we do not make any refunds based on colour difference. Because monitor colours vary dramatically, please order free samples if exact colour is important to you.
The physical samples that we provide are representative of the range only. Small colour variations between batches might occur from time to time. Where a particular shade is critical to the job, please contact our Customer Care Service Team to request a stock cutting. Please bear in mind that full colour and pattern repeats are not always shown in a sample cutting.
We reserve the right to name the products on our website differently from our manufacturer. The name on the boxes delivered might vary from the name of the product online. Please always compare the product with the sample sent.
Fabric used in making the roller/blackout blinds will vary in drop up to the maximum drop we specify on our website. This will not affect the operation of a roller blind. A roller blind can take any drop.
Please note that real wood products being 100% natural products are subject to colour variation according to the timber used in the manufacturing of the blinds as well as the production batches they come from so we would like to recommend customers to order as soon as possible after receiving a sample in the post. Also we do not recommend these products to be used in spaces with high humidity or moisture like bathrooms.
The timber used to manufacture wooden blinds is mainly basswood and named by manufacturers how they like. We reserve the right to rename them on our website.
Customers should be aware that the blinds industry is different from other industries in terms of the wood species used. For example in the flooring industry "walnut floor" will be made of the actual walnut tree, blinds will be made of basswood or other timbers and painted to look like walnut. Therefore, if you have walnut floor in your house and you are trying to match it to our blinds you should first request a sample in the post to compare before placing the order. In case we sell blinds made from exact wood species will add "real" to their name e.g. "real walnut".
arrowg  Orders:
All inquiries regarding placed orders or customer services must be done via our contact page. Because we outsource products from all over the UK and Europe we are not able to offer support by phone as we will need to contact the suppliers first. 1-2 business days are required to respond to inquiries.
Our telesales operators always repeat the orders back, please be advised that we do not accept claims based on wrong sizes/ products being input by the operator. Therefore in the case of orders placed over the phone we cannot accept such claims. After placing the order please double check all the specifications of your blinds by following the instructions we will send in the confirmation email. You can also see all the details online via the contact page. These details are available half an hour after the order has been placed over the phone.
We specify the delivery time needed on every quotation we make or on the page of the product. Please note that if we specify 7 days it means 7 working days from the moment payment reached our bank account (usually within 24 hours). Most of our blinds are made to measure and we would need time to make them and deliver and so we would ask for your patience. The specified delivery terms do not apply during busy times of the year like: Bank Holidays and Christmas.
arrowg  Delivery:
Deliveries on certain areas are subject to extra charges after an order has been placed, areas in Scotland, Northern Ireland and others. We will inform the customer of the extra charge from the carrier as soon as possible. The customer has the option to cancel the order if the extra charge will not be accepted.
Redelivery charge on made to measure goods: In the case the carrier has tried to deliver and the customer wasn't in and the carrier has left a card or a message on the phone and the customer has not contacted the carrier in order to arrange a convenient time for delivery and the goods have returned to us, we will apply a (8-10 pounds) redelivery charge.
On delivery the boxes must be inspected against any damages and sign the courier paper as damaged if this is the case. The goods inside the boxes will not be necessarily damaged and we request the customer to inspect the goods inside as well. Any received orders that have been signed as damaged must be reported back to us via the contact us page. Goods must be inspected inside the boxes in any circumstances and we recommend this to be done as soon as the goods have been received and any problem to be reported back to us. In any case we request customers to inspect the goods received and report any issues within a reasonable time of 28 days. We also reserve the right to ask for digital pictures with regards to the issues reported.
Please note that deliveries cannot be guaranteed. Over 90% of deliveries are completed successfully, while a very small percentage of attempted deliveries are unsuccessful. Due to this fact we strongly recommend customers to wait until the delivery has been completed successfully to book installation services. We cannot make any compensations for failed deliveries.
Next Day Blinds
We charge a fee per blind in order to offer bespoke service next day. Customers will have to add the next day charge to all the blinds in the order except where the next day service is not available.
arrowg  Privacy Policy:
The information that we request and gather from you will be used in accordance with the Data Protection Regulations.
The information we will collect about you:
  • your name
  • address
  • phone number
  • email address
We will only use your details to process your order and send you information for next orders.
arrowg  Cookies:
Third party websites like Google Analytics, Adroll, and others use cookies, tracking pixels and other related technologies. These are small data files that are served and stored on your device. Third parties use cookies for a variety of purposes like operating and personalizing the website. These also are used to track how you use the site to target ads to you on other websites.
arrowg  Safety Information:
Use of additional safety devices may reduce the risk of strangulation but the blind cannot be considered foolproof. Elimination of this type of risk can be achieved by keeping cords, chains, tapes and similar out of the reach of vulnerable persons. You must not proceed with the installation of the blind without having the safety device installed as well. If for any reason you cannot find the device you must contact us via https://secure.blinds-uk.net/contact.php for a replacement and only after receiving the device install the blinds.