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A simple infographic below on where to buy blinds in the UK, it all depends if you have a standard size window and are able to get away with a cheaper price but not necessarily good quality.
where to buy blinds

Importance of blinds

Anyone who has windows within their home or workplace already understands all the benefits that a window can offer. With a window, it is possible to take in all the surrounding areas and also manage the temperature within your home. One of the most important aspects of the Windows is how you choose to cover them. One of the most common ways in which you can cover your window is by using blinds.

And a great number of people who decide to install blinds on their windows do it with the aim of increasing security and privacy. There are many types of blinds available in the market, including vertical, roman, wood and roller, among others. All of them have are manufactured in order to give the kind of privacy that you may need. Having a window blind is always recommended. If windows are not being covered, it’s great to be able to have the view, but you should also be aware that the world can see right back! After night falls, your privacy can be compromised to a great extent.

There are windows that are designed to be very private, but even these need blinds so as to block the sun for you to sleep better, especially in the mornings. The variety is very wide, for example, you can choose from synthetics, woods, grasses and blackout fabrics. And some of them can also be insulated so as to muffle any noise.

Where to buy the blinds

There are only two ways in which you can purchase blinds. The first way is through an online store, which can be convenient. You can also opt to buy at the high-street home stores like IKEA or John Lewis. On the web, you will need to research few websites and look through the many types available and ask for free samples on the post. At a local retailer shop, you will be able to see the selection available, but the price may be a lot higher.

The online shops

One thing to note is the fact that even the very large home improvement stores aren't able to offer nearly as wide a selection as online shops. Web suppliers, who have pages and pages of options available. In the store, you can look at different samples in books. But this is something that can also happen in online stores in the comfort of your home and ask for free samples in the post.

The high street stores

With stores, usually there are some stands available to allow you to open and close the blinds to check them out in person. They can be pulled up and down, vertically or horizontally and can also close tightly with the edge route feature.


When it comes to the quality, the high-street stores are much better. These are much bigger brands. They will guide about quality, textures, and the colors, and at the store you can get a chance to look at stands and check samples. And an in-home visit can also be arranged so that the supplier can measure for installation.

Get the stock size for a standard window, it makes sense to have standard blinds supplied quicker than the special custom made ones. The specially made window coverings can take a lot of time, but a good best supplier should never take over two weeks.

With online buying, there are numerous stores available. You have to surf pages and pages to make some design choices. You will have to check the specifications and the delivery times. After receiving the package, then you will have to install your blinds by yourself. Ones with motorized operations may pose a challenge, but installations are typically very simple.


Whether it is ready-made or made to measure, guarantees are very important. The best web pages will go a step further to demonstrate to you how the product looks under certain settings. There are some that go even a step further so as to give a virtual decorator page that has different settings. In this way, you can change the picture and change the slat size and privacy level and then see the finishes available. There are also some sites that allow an upload of digital photos of a room, which will serve as a backdrop for the products.

Different websites cover products from lots of manufacturers, and they allow you to use various search parameters that make the search even easier. Some of the best online sites give guarantees because they are confident of the quality that they offer and don’t expect any dissatisfaction.

On one hand, buying at the high street shops can be a better choice, most especially where the guarantee is concerned. One of the things that you will note is at a physical store you will be able to feel the material being used. Get the measurements done physically and communicate all the specifications that you may have. For the online stores, you will need to do most of the work yourself, including the measurements.

The guarantee will depend heavily on the store that you are dealing with, this is one of the reasons why you should choose carefully before you settle for one supplier. Weigh all options and read between the lines.


One thing that is very notable is that the prices can be much easier to compare when using online stores. Also, with the online stores, you will be able to access a wider variety. Due to the competition and the many stores that are available online, you may end up with an even better deal for the made to measure blinds. Considering the reviews of the different online stores and the reputation of the high street shops can be very helpful when you are making decisions about where to buy your blinds.