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How To Measure Curtains
Measuring guide for curtains
Tip. Always use a steel tape as fabric ones can stretch.

NOTE: For the width please measure the curtain track or pole, NOT the window recess!


Overlapping track
Curtain pole


The drop is basically the finished length of a curtain.
Simply determine where you want your curtain to start and to finish.

NOTE: Before measuring for your drop you need to know which heading you want for your curtain. For more information click here.


Always measure from the top of the track so that the curtain will hide the track.

Curtain pole

For Pencil pleat, Pinch Pleat and Goblet measure the drop from the underside of the pole ring.
For Eyelet and Tab top measure the drop from the top of the pole to your window sill, floor or carpet.

NOTE: Take your measurement in three places and always use the smallest of measurements.

A. Sill length curtains B. Below sill length curtains C. Floor length curtains
They should usually end about 1.3 cm above the sill. Measure about 15cm below your window sill for the best look. When measuring allow 10mm (1cm) to the floor or carpet.