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How To Hang Curtains
How To Hang Curtains


Please note that curtains in the heavier weight fabrics and/or larger sized lined curtains are extremely heavy, therefore please ensure that your pole/track is securely fixed to the wall to hold the weight of the curtains. Please note that particular care must be taken when hanging heavy curtains on poles/tracks that are fixed to plaster board walls.

Hanging Instructions For pencil Pleat Curtains and Valances

1. Securely knot together the three draw cords at one side of each curtain or valance. For Curtains his should be at the leading edge (where the two curtains meet)

2. then, from the opposite side, pull the three cords at the same time to gather the curtain. Continue to gather the curtain into even pleats until the required width is reached.

3. Tie off the cords but do not cut off the excess as the curtain will need to be ungathered for cleaning. The loose cords can be tucked out of sight behind the heading tape.