5 Ways to SAVE Energy at Home by Blinds UK

Blinds UK finds interesting the following ways of saving energy and some are easy to implement:


    These are the most advanced thermostats on the market and have programable functions allowing to control the temperature for days and even weeks. It allows as well to programme within the hours of the day you spend at home helping to maintain a constant comfortable temperature within these hours.

    Technology is well advanced when it comes to controlling these devices. An app on your smartphone will give you the option to program your heat at home from wherever you are in the world. And believing or not, not just the phones get smart the thermostats get too. Smart thermostats learn your favourite temperature during first few days and starts programming itself nicely after. They can even detect no presence of a person in the house and shuts the heating down achieving great saving in case of leaving and forgetting the heating on.


    Solar panels are great investment and in the long run can save you energy and reduce substantially the bills but also make you money if you put in the grid more energy than you use. The only issue here is that households use energy in the evenings and nights when solar panels do not charge. The solution is to store the energy produced during the day in a battery and use it in the evening and at night. This may sound like a more expensive solution but in the long run again it should be cheaper to use the energy from the battery instead of consuming it from the grid.

    Tesla has come up with a solution in that regard offering batteries in the UK from £5000, however specialist installation is required. Generally, 2 Tesla Powerwall batteries will be enough to power almost any home in the UK. Long term considering that energy prices are going up every year these batteries may pay themselves, but the ultimate result is using green energy and for less.


    We all know that the heating goes up and results in almost 25% of heat lost through an uninsulated roof. According to your budget different types of insulation may be used: Mineral or Sheep Wool, Rigids Boards or other cost-effective materials. The loft insulation can be done on a budget and should be also the least troubling because it does not involve major refurbishment unless a loft conversion takes place but in this case the insulation of the loft rooms will be making the home even more energy efficient.


    Yes, do not wash! Heating the water, a yearlong in a normal house costs as much as £140 in the UK and that is almost 10% of the annual energy bills. You must stop immediately washing yourself to save the planet of high levels of carbon dioxide. Some may get away with it if a combination of solar panels and electric shower is in place in their homes but if not, only cold showers will be allowed.

    And if you are lucky enough to afford yourself a holiday at the sea side, you should wait till then and wash in the warm sea do not dare to heat water at home and waste energy!!!


    Leaving the “Do not Wash” joke aside did you know that thermal blinds can save you as much as 10% on your energy bills? And if you invest in energy efficient window coverings you may finally be allowed to wash yourself… We at Blinds UK have been offering on all our roman blinds and curtains FREE thermal lining to make a difference on your energy bills. Thermal lining works well in keeping the heat in but also blocks some sun light having dim out properties. Large heavy curtains with thermal lining should be very efficient when fully closed to keep the heat in through the night.

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